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Warren R. Lokey, Esq.

Warren Lokey has dedicated his career to ensuring his clients get the results that they deserve. Warren was raised with his siblings in Savannah, Georgia, where his parents owned and operated a small business. Warren started working at age fourteen, and his employment ranges from working as a dockhand at a local marina and waiting tables through college, to selling high end real estate in lower Manhattan. Warren credits his “blood, sweat, and tears” mind set as the motivating factor in his desire to support working people. He understands the importance of maximizing his clients’ recovery, as their health and ability to work are often the strongest assets they possess. In fact, Warren recently navigated the murky waters between maximizing a client’s workers’ compensation claim without jeopardizing the client’s personal injury claim when he was tragically hit by an eighteen-wheeler and suffered a traumatic brain injury, rendering him unable to work. Due to Warren’s skillful approach in traversing the intricacies of both the Workers’ Compensation Code and personal injury law, the client was able to collect two separate settlements.

Warren founded the Lokey Law Firm on one single principle: client focused representation. He understood that in the vast sea of injury firms, the individual needs of a client are commonly overlooked and ignored. His vision was to start a firm centered on the communication and achievement of desired outcomes with each individual client. Warren believed that clients were too often just a case number on an oversized assembly line, where cases were prolonged beyond necessity, and clients’ needs of quickly and competently resolving claims were ignored. Thanks to his solid reputation and passionate pursuit of his clients’ rights, Warren and his firm have been able to help thousands of injured clients.

Logan Holmes Profile Pictiure
Logan Holmes Profile Pictiure

Jason White

Jason joined The Lokey Law Firm in June of 2019, largely due to the firm’s reputation and involvement in litigating inmates’ rights related to injuries from the 2018 South Carolina prison riots. Jason was most impressed with the firm’s willingness and competence in pursuit of complex claims that required significant resources and investment to pursue.

Prior to joining The Lokey Law Firm, Jason worked firsthand with high risk, high need youth in the South Carolina Department of Administration in a program focused on ensuring continued development and delivery of appropriate services to children and adolescents with the most severe and complex emotional and behavioral health challenges. Jason was successful in the departments vision of advocating for the most vulnerable and establishing a team-based approach to provide a wide array of services for families with the ultimate objective to keep
kids in their homes, with their families, and out of juvenile detention facilities.

Before joining the South Carolina Department of Administration, Jason worked hard to reform criminal law codes as a member of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals. Jason worked directly with professionals spanning the legal, clinical, psychosocial, and law enforcement fields to advocate for better resources for people involved in the criminal justice system in lieu of serving prison time. As a member of the NADCP, Jason successfully lobbied United States Congressmen in Washington, D.C. to take a more humane approach to substance use and mental health disorders, and to create more opportunities for drug offenders in the criminal justice system who needed access to treatment on their path to recovery and stability.

Jason and his wife Leigh Ann live in Charleston, where they raise their three children.

Arianna V. Rodriguez

Arianna was born and raised in Charleston’s sister city, Savannah, Georgia. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She then attended Charleston School of Law, where she earned her Juris Doctor. While at Charleston School of Law, Arianna was involved in numerous student organizations, such as the Trial Advocacy Board and Phi Delta Phi. Arianna also completed over one hundred hours of pro bono work at the Charleston County Housing Court and Tri-County Speaks advocating for those who did not have the means of doing so themselves. Arianna has written multiple law review articles regarding environmental law and the juvenile justice system.

Arianna grew up playing sports, which she credits for her discipline and hard work ethic – both of which are necessary when representing clients who are facing life changing injuries. Arianna is an associate at The Lokey Law Firm, where she focuses on advocating for injured employees in Workers’ Compensation claims and those with personal injury claims such as, auto accidents, premises liability, and more.

Outside of her legal practice, Arianna enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets. She also enjoys traveling, attending concerts, and participating in many outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, and tennis.

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